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A Moody’s Corporation subsidiary specializing in risk management and leader in the development and implementation of risk management solutions. As far as the insurance sector is concerned, Risk IntegrityTM, its proprietary tool, has been systematically recognized by Risk magazine as the best Solvency 2 solution. We have been working together since 2012 implementing Solvency 2 projects both in Spain and abroad. Starting 2017 we joined Moody’s Analytics Partner Alliance program as a premier member



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 International consulting firm founded in 2003, with projects over 14 countries in Europe and Latin America, which is aimed at helping companies achieve their business objectives with a focus, in the short term, on increasing of income and improved profitability; and in the middle and long, anticipating scenarios and helping them transform the business. Our portfolio is focused on solutions for Strategy and Transformation, Competitive Intelligence, Customer Experience and Modeling and Market Research, with which and a team of more than 80 consultants based on our  headquarters in Madrid (Spain) and Latam, we work for large corporations belonging to sectors that have in common a high degree of maturity and competition, such as Insurance, Telecommunications, Energy, Banking and Tourism, fundamentally.



Europe’s leading provider of life insurance management and distribution solutions (leaders in the Gartner Magic Quadrant), not life and health. It belongs to the msg group, which has a strong international presence (25 countries). It has more than 150 clients and of the 600 million euros of invoicing, 360 correspond to insurance. Its technology is ideal for evolving “Legacy” systems into systems that take advantage of the digital era. They stand out in datamart and its solution for the multichannel distribution.


In September 2018, m2c Asesores and “Longitude Solutions” signed a collaboration agreement in order to provide an integral service to their respective clients in the area of longevity ​​risk management.  Longitude Solution is an specialized and “transaction-oriented” advisor with expertise in longevity risk and hedging solutions including the transferring of risks to the capital markets. The agreement allow us to offer state of the art longevity solutions to our clients with the aim to increase the value of the company by managing efficiently their capital.

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