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Actuarial-financial advice

  • Investment advice: review and valuation of portfolios.

  • Development of investment policies and procedures.

  • Generation of economic scenarios(ESG)

  • Review and realization of actuarial valuations(EEV, MCEV)

  • Product design and elaboration of Technical Notes.

  • Review of contractual and commercial documentation.

  • Review of provisions(Life, Non Life & Health)

  • Actuarial Financial Reviews of Pension Plans.

Risk Advice

  • Advice on risk and Solvency 2.

  • Review of internal models of ALM and Economic Capital.

  • Preparation of policy manuals, processes and rules of good governance.

  • Prevention of money laundering.

  • Advice for the selection and implementation of risk tools.

Software and Training

  • Development of customized software for the development of internal models

  • Software implementation and risk tools.

  • Design and implementation of training programs.

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